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Study in the Company of Business Leaders TIUA School of Business

At our business school in Duluth, Georgia, we bring together brilliant minds in the world of business to teach the next generation of professionals. We offer courses that prepare students for the various aspects of business in an environment that values ethics, community-building, and growth for all.

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TIUA School of Business is an institution that invites people of all backgrounds to share their knowledge of business as a community bound by goodwill, honesty, integrity, and a desire to serve. We invite you to learn more about us today.


We build dynamic relationships with the industry’s leaders through our amicable ambassadors.

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Our institution is built upon an administration dedicated to our central mission of mutual growth.

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YOU’RE IMPORTANT TO US Our Mission Statement

As an institution that values humanitarian growth, community development, and a culture of service, TIUA School of Business is dedicated to fostering professionals who contribute not only to their personal development but to the advancement of business in their respective fields. Guided by ethics and excellence, we strive to train students to offer the best of their gifts to the world.

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